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I’ve owned this 1971 GTV 1750 for almost 20 years, (I’m the second owner of this wonderful car). I’m currently restoring a GTA Jr., so I’m ready to sell the GTV. My one-car garage just won’t hold 2 cool cars.

This 1971 GTV 1750 has been a labor of love to restore and show and drive since 2000.  The car has chassis number AR*1532415, fitting from the Fusi book as a 1750 USA specification GTV.  The motor number is AR*00551*03690, a correct 1750 block.  All records and receipts from 2000 onward are provided to the purchaser


                   1STPlace 2000        

                         Best in Class  2007               



               Best in Class 2010             


                                 Concours Judging 98.7 Points 2007



Background and Previous Ownership                                                                                                                     




Background research and two records left with the car, from 1976 and 1986 when purchased, show that the car was owned by a single owner. He was in the military in Huntington Beach, CA and then retired to Houston, Texas.  In 2000, he passed away. His wife donated the car to the Salvation Army Auto Auction. It was not in running condition. A wrecking service purchased the car from the auction and then I purchased the car from them.  I began restoration work in 2000 and finished in 2004.

The car’s exterior color is AR509 Rosso Amaranto (Prugna) with pigskin interior, verified as the original colors from Alfa Centro Documentation. The original paint sticker is included with the purchase.  As found, the car had very little rust and had been well treated throughout its life.  After stripping the car to bare metal for respray, very minor rust repairs were done to the floor and trunk lid. I was delighted that these were the only needed repairs.

Restoration Details

The car was restored to a very high quality with originality in mind using many NOS parts from Re-Originals. The complete Re-Originals interior has been restored to match the original materials.  Unlike many GTVs that you will see for sale, this car has very correct fabrics, carpets, and mats to match those shown in the original parts manuals.  The correct color and grain basket-weave and smooth original vinyl was used to restore the seats. The material is furnished by the original Italian manufacturer and the pre-made seat covers is made by the still existing OEM production facility in Italy. Re-Originals upholstery shop did the installation. The carpets are in the “salt and pepper” style gray matched to those originally found in the car. The dash is original and uncracked and remains so to this day.

The paint job was performed by Randy Borcherding of Houston, TX, and was done to a very high quality. The total cost for the paint job was approximately $18,000.  This included the bare metal respray and a proper undercoating to further prevent any future corrosion from occurring.  A listing of all parts and services purchased for the restoration is included along with all of these records, in total currently $53,653.














Awards and Records


The car has won best in class at 3 separate Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) National Conventions: 2006 Tulsa, 2007 Detroit, and 2010 Capital Chapter.  The car has received the Certificato d’Oro from the national AROC, scoring a total of 98.7 points on a 100-point concours scale.  A complete set of records will be provided with the car in the form of all restoration and subsequent parts and service purchases from 2000 onward.  Most fuel and mileage records are also available.






Detailed Description

*Rust-free car from 2001-2005 restoration of excellent complete 1750 GTV


*Paper documentation from Alfa Centro Documentazione verifying build date and colors


*Car has won “best in class” at three separate AROC National Conventions


*Correct 1750 motor, well-balanced with all weight results recorded


*Correct Spica injection system, Wes Ingram rebuilt to high performance specification

Stage II Sperry head


*Limited slip 4.10:1 rear differential rebuilt by Tom Sahines


*Rebuilt transmission with lightened gearset rebuilt by Tom Sahines


*Original airbox and correct exhaust manifold with Jet-Hot coating


*High quality multi-stage paint in original color (AR509, Rosso Amaranto)


*High quality interior in original pigskin color, correct carpets and floor mats per parts manual


*High quality mahogany veneer remade to match original color shade


*”PERSONAL brand” wood steering wheel refinished


*Correct original seat belts with belt webbing recertified by Snake Oyl


*All stainless brightwork polished, few chrome items chromed and polished


*Original owners manual and service advisory manual with service coupon book, jack, and toolkit


*Correct painted steel wheels with correct hubcaps


*Correct mats in trunk area and matching spare tire/wheel


*Recently installed new rear taillight assemblies/lenses – very bright


*Some spares included as accumulated from many years of ownership



Non Original Items


*Wooden PERSONAL steering wheel from later GTV, replaced bakelite wheel


*Self-hiding head unit with CD player (speakers installed in original position)

Note - original dealer installed radio included with car


*Headlamp relay installed to minimize stress on turn signal assembly (wiring otherwise original)


*High-performance items noted above, but otherwise appear stock





For More Information

Please Contact

Joe Senesac




My thoughts are this regarding Joe’s GTV. Every once in a while we meet in the course of helping folks restore their cars, an individual like Joe who are meticulous about the details. In 30 years of helping folks bring back their Italian cars, there are only some people I have met who I would recommend buying a car from sight unseen. Joe is that kind of a “gearhead”.


Joe does not know exactly what to ask for the car. Hagerty shows in their price guide a #1 car is about $83,000. The examples we have viewed that have sold over $80,000 have had small details not exactly correct about them. They were wonderful cars mind you, just not as “over-the-top” as Joe’s car. I guess the price is open to discuss. Being a “TOP” car it certainly deserves a “TOP” price.


Ciao! Matt