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                                                          Ferrari 340MM Touring Barchetta

Ferrari 340MM Touring Barchetta Project available. Wonderful project starting with an original alloy body on the car number 0284AM when it won the Mille Miglia in 1999. This project started life to be a chandelier using a vintage Ferrari body as the center point. The project evolved into building the car using the original body. The magicians in Italy cast the parts for the new Lampredi motor and transmission. The motor was dynoed in 2022. What remains to be done is finish the differential, brakes and front suspension. The original chassis builder in 1953-54, GILCO Company has agreed to make a certified chassis.

                                                                  Ferrari 250 MM Project
This project started with an original 250MM motor, number 0276MM. It was discovered in Italy in storage for 40 years that they can remember. The right old-timers were chosen to perform the rebuild. The completed engine will be dynoed in May 2022. There is also an or coupe body available. The original chassis maker, the company GILCO, has agreed to make a certified chassis. After that the rest is easy.